household glass repair
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household glass repair
household glass repair

Out of all the materials out there, glass is already used in most of our homes. The use of glass in modern architecture and home decor is rarely thought of as decorative and is thought to be more utilitarian. Glass can come in several forms from glazing, to counter tops and decorative walls to tables, chairs, mirrors… the list goes on and on of glass furnishings that we use daily in our dwellings.

Although it adds to the beauty of our houses but maintaining the glass has never been easier. Glass Polish India Limited has vast experience in not just caring but repairing the damaged and scratched glass in homes too.

Have you had your glass cleaned? Cleaning damage on household glass is the most common cause of damage!

Services We Offer

Glass and Metal Polishing

Glass and Metal Polishing

We have the skills and experience to quickly bring the glass back to its original condition, without any distortion or haze, that too at a fraction of the cost for a replacement. and you also save lengthy lead-times for the replacement.

Metal polishing is often used to enhance the appearance of an item, prevent contamination of instruments, remove oxidation, create a reflective surface, or prevent corrosion in metal objects.

Polishing is an intermediate step used to improve the surface finish from the grinding step, such as found on a common household stainless steel sink – lustrous, but not mirror-like.

Whether you’ve experienced major damage to windows or single scratches on surfaces and appliances, we can polish away the scratches without any haze.


Glass Chips, Shells and Etch Repair

A glass chip could turn into a crack at any time. It often signal the life end of glass. Glass Polish India Ltd. pioneered the repair of chipped and shelled glass in India around 15 years ago. With glass being one of the most vital construction material these days, its damage in the form of chips, shells and etch has become very common, our very successful glass restoration procedures have saved many of our customers a considerable amount of money, and reduced the time and inconvenience of replacing the glass to an absolute minimum.

Our glass repair techniques enable our glass technicians to restore the damaged glass, reinstating the profile and returning the glass surface to its original smooth finish. Chip and shell repairs are dealt with by using UV cured resins, injected into the damage to leave a smooth, clear and safe finish that is both structurally stable and reduces the risk of the damage spreading.

Swirls and Scratch Removal

Swirls and Scratch Removal

Swirl marks are nothing more than micro marring on the glass surface. Under a microscope, they appear to be scratches; however, you can’t feel these scratches with your fingers or finger nail.

Glass polishing can bring any domestic glass back to life; with its original sheen and shine. We can repair scratches, swirl marks, chips and cracks on any glass surface; namely windows & doors, table tops, kitchen hobs, mirrors & shower screens, glass roofs & conservatories, fish tanks / aquariums and many more.


Limescale Deposits and Stains Removal

Surface contamination on glass, either through environmental conditions or its proximity to other materials, can cause the glass to lose its transparency.  GPIL is able to remove these tough deposits on the glass, which are not able to be removed with general cleaning products.

When rainwater flows over onto a glass surface, depositing insoluble salts of calcium it creates stains which become chemically bound to the glass. These stains can be seen as white or grey patches or streaks across the glass.

We offer a special surface contamination removal service, that can remove those stubborn, organic and inorganic deposits on your glass to leave a clear finish.