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Is it wise to spend money and time in removing and resealing the watertight marine glass when you can simply repair it without removing it and that too at a fraction of the replacement cost?

When considering yacht glass restoration services, it goes without saying that you should call in the help of a specialist. Glass restoration is not a service provided by all glass suppliers, so it is imperative to pick a company that solely specialises in this area to ensure the best service.

Our team of glass restoration specialists has years of experience in glass care, repair and restoration. In some of our glass restoration projects our clients have saved up to 80% of the cost of glass replacement.

Services We Offer


Glass Scratch and Chip Repair

The most common time for damage to marine glass occurs at the docks while tied up or while docking. Often, lines or scrape scratches in the cabin glass panes cause a noticeable streaks and abrasions. This results in distortions in the marine glass or porthole.

A glass surface consists of minuscule fractures that allow mineral deposits such as dirt, pollution or grime to become deeply embedded and ultimately bake into the glass from the powerful UV rays cast by the sun. The maintenance of yacht glass will therefore not only enhance the aesthetics, but more importantly, the overall value of the yacht.


Limescale Mineral Deposits and Stain Removal

To ensure the damage to on-board glass is as minimal as possible, it is advisable; especially when tackling exterior windows, water should not be left to simply dry. It may sound simple, but difficult to adhere to, hence we are here to help you with our advanced glass care and repair services.

We solely specialise in glass care and refurbishing and our professionally trained and experienced technicians have the capability to remove these stains, spots and scratches.