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Leadership Team

Our leadership team not only possesses deep industry knowledge and experience, but has a well-rounded business perspective to meet today’s challenges as well. And above all, we are thoroughly committed to accelerating learning.

K. S. Gadkari


Mr. Kishor Shankar Gadkari is serving as director of the company since the day we started the company and commenced its operations in Mumbai. He is a practicing CA with degrees namely B.Com,  LLB, FCA DTM (BOM) in his credit. His strong business acumen, meticulous financial analysis and efficient management skills have helped the company to reach where it is today.  His vision for the business coupled with concern for the society is an inspiration for all of us to draw.

Aashish Gadkari

Executive Director

From a small start-up with two employees to building a professional company with over 200 employees and capability to deliver services across India is not a cake walk, but with determination, zeal and inspiration from his father; Aashish Gadkari made it possible in just 10 years. He believes that a company should not just care about its shareholders and customers, but it should also take good care of its employees and should ensure that none of its business processes have any adverse effect on environment. He is a commerce graduate and have a diploma in Oracle. Mr. Gadkari is very passionate about cricket. He has also been on the board as the Chairman of the deaf and dumb Cricket Association of Maharashtra. His passion for cricket, vision for business and his humanitarian nature put together makes GPIL a competitive and professional organization with a pro active approach for social responsibility.

He is very active and believes in keeping himself updated about new happenings in the industry and thus participates in various business exhibitions related to Automobile, Glass and Car Detailing; worldwide.

Nitin P Deshmukh


Nitin Deshmukh has over 20 years of experience in leading and scaling up corporations in various industries primarily automobile applications, medical & healthcare. He has served several multi-million dollar turnover corporations in India. As the President of Glass Polish India Ltd, he is responsible for the successful operations and management of the company. He helped pioneer business models and launched several services which are considered India’s firsts in car detailing application till date. He nurtured GPIL from grass root level and grew the revenues by more than 300%.

He is a B.Sc (Chemistry) from Mumbai University and holds a DBM as well. He is a man with ‘never get tired’ attitude that’s why he always on the go, trying to experiment new things.

On personal front his humanitarian nature draws most of leisure time to working for upliftment of backwards and underprivileged class of society.

Krishna Murthy


Krishna Murthy joined Glass Polish India Ltd in 2015 to help transform the company during a time of significant change in the services industry; change that was brought on by the cost imperatives of clients on the one hand, and substantial and rapid developments in service industry on the other hand. Since joining Glass Polish India Ltd, he has instigated a strategy of helping clients renew their existing landscapes to fundamentally drive down costs using automation, and at the same time bring breakthrough innovation that transforms user and consumer experiences, opens new business opportunities and new business models, and leverages data in entirely new ways by adopting latest technologies.

In addition, he has created a strong focus on Data Management and Channelised Communication, to develop a culture which not only drives value for clients but for the entire Glass Polish India Ltd.’s ecosystem which extends outside the company as well. Glass Polish India Ltd is helping clients in their efforts to create learning and collaborative cultures – helping them to find the most important problems to solve using VISION as the framework, to rethink existing processes leveraging technology, to find new ways of working as teams and as individuals, and to build incredible talent, skills and passion across teams.

Prior to joining Glass Polish India Ltd, Krishna Murthy served/serving as a Chief Mentor to several entrepreneurs around the world including key mentor of Govt of Maharashtra’s Department of Higher and Technical Education initiatives. He is a visionary and a born motivator.

Paresh Chavan


Paresh Prabhakar Chavan joined the Glass Polish India Ltd around 3 years back as a Business Development Manager and later on got promoted to as All India Operations Head in 2015. He is a bachelor of commerce from Mumbai University and also holds a diploma certificate in IATA. Prior to joining GPIL he was working with the Essae-Teraoka Pvt. Ltd.

He is a sportsman at heart and spends most of his leisure time playing basket ball.

Management Team

We’re at your service and you can count on our team. Our responsibility is to help you and the environment. Our privilege is to find the right solution for your glass damages.

Trusha Dolas


Trusha started her journey with Glass Polish India Ltd in April, 2008, before joining GPIL she has worked with Sula Wines in Mumbai. She is a BSc (Statistics) from Mumbai University and passed out in 2004.

She joined the company as accounts executive and currently serving as team leader accounts. She is an efficient team leader and a jovial team player as well.