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Damaged wipers damage windshield

Driving with damaged wipers is not just frustrating but can be dangerous too. Streaks and portions that don’t get wiped away can obstruct your vision and become very dangerous during night drives. Usually worn out wiper blades are the reason behind these obstructions creating streaks and thus blades need to be replaced before every monsoon.

If wiper blades are not changed on time it can cause more than just streaks on your windshield. Torn wiper blades or worn out rubber slides can often leave scratches on your windshield because most of the wiper today have thin metal strips that can touch the windshield and cause scratches due to abrasion.

These scratches distract the vision, reflect sunlight and headlight beams from heading on vehicles from opposite direction thus making driving experience – unpleasant, difficult and dangerous.

To avoid further damage to the windshield and excellent causing dangerous situation, it is wise to get the scratches polished out of the windshield. We can offer quick, affordable and efficient service to get your windshield repaired.

Alternatively if you notice that your windshield wipers are torn out and creating scratches on your windshield, have them replaced right away to stop further damage to windshield.

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